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My thoughts about the book The Hole in Our Gospel

From the first time I saw the book The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns, I knew that God had something to tell me in there (I have already mentioned in a previous post how God led me to buy this book). Actually, He had several messages for me there.

The hole in our Gospel

This book doesn’t attempt to address the “whole Gospel”. It doesn’t cover the need of salvation, the coming of Jesus and his death, ressurection, etc. But it does cover what it claims to be the “hole” in our Gospel: the general lack of action from the Church towards those in need, specifically those living in extreme poverty.

In the first part of the book Stearns tells us how he became the CEO of World Vision. He was the CEO of a secular company and he had a very comfortable financial situation. Well, maybe more than comfortable. Than he was challenged by God to accept a job that would bring a considerable change in his life. The job of CEO of World Vision represented a decrease in 75% of his salary. Yet, he felt God was calling him to do it.

That was my favorite part. At that time, when I was reading the book, I was praying to God about my own job, and I was almost certain that He wanted me to quit. So reading Stearns’s own account, his doubts and fears, the financial change that accepting the challenge would bring, they all made me identify with his story.

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Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

One of my favorite songs about Christmas time (the holiday) was released in 1984 and it’s called “Do they know it’s Christmas?“. It was recorded by an ensemble of British and Irish artists, known as Band Aid, with the goal to raise funds to help fight famine in Africa.

Band Aid

Years went by, but unfortunately the problem is still the same. In 2011, the region known as the Horn of Africa suffered one of the worst draughts ever and famine claimed many lives.

And that is not the only region that registers alarming number of deaths related to poverty in Africa. That brings to mind the lyrics of that song…

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Adoption – have you ever considered it?

Today is the National Adoption Day in the USA. It is a moment to remember all the children who lost their parents and wait for someone to welcome them into their families.


Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/MissHibiscus

Through the Internet, I came to know some beautiful adoption stories. Like Megan Hyatt Miller and her family, who adopted twin boys from Africa.

It was such a blessing to be able to read about their story, post by post, tweet by tweet. It was a journey of faith indeed. You can read about their story here.

And most recently, Jason Stasyszen and his family decided to adopt a boy from Japan. And they’re counting on our help to raise the money to travel and bring the boy to his new home.

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Start making a difference

Today I start a new category in this blog called “Make a Difference”.

Help needed!

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/Destonian

As I’ve shared with you in my previous post, as I read the book “The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter” by Dan King (from, I realized that I could use this blog to share how we can help people and causes and make a difference in other people’s lives. And it is easier than one might think, actually.

The first post I wrote with this focus was The ugly reality of famine, for Blog Action Day 2001, inspired by an idea from Dan King’s book. If you haven’t read that post yet, please do so. You will be amazed at how easy it is to help, even if you have no money to give.

And now I will share with you a cause that is dear to my heart: adoption.

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My thoughts about the book The Unlikely Missionary

Have you ever seen a book title and subtitle and wished for a moment that that book was written about you, that it depicted your life in one single line?

The Unlikely Missionary
That’s what I felt when I first saw the title of this book: “The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter” by Dan King (from

I had this strong feeling that I wanted to be that person that changed from being a “pew-warmer” to becoming a “poverty-fighter”.

As some of you know, I’ve recently quit my job and I am now finding my new path in life (career-wise speaking). And it seems that it will have something to do with helping people, fighting poverty and/or missions. Maybe that’s why that book title spoke so deeply to me. So I prayed about it, of course, and as soon as the book was released I bought it.

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The ugly reality of famine

Food is something that lots of us take for granted. We have it so easily that we don’t worry about it. We might complain about the prices, about the quality, but worrying about how to get food for the next meal is not the reality for most people reading this post. But it is the reality for millions of people in our world today.


According to the latest Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) statistics, there are 925 million hungry people in the world and 98 percent of them are in developing countries. Almost 1 billion people!

In the Horn of Africa alone, a region that is experiencing the worst drought of the last 60 years, 13 million people are in desperate need for food. Thirty thousand children died in the first 3 months of the drought. It is beyond tragic.

The good news is that you can make a difference in those people’s lives. Let me say it again: YOU can make a difference. And it’s easier than you might think.

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